Sunninghill Square Tenant Application Form

Details required for Lease Agreement

Along with this document, duly completed and signed, the Prospective Tenant will provide the Landlord with the following:

  1. Three(3) months bank statements
  2. Proof of available capital for shop fitting, stock, licenses and other startup expenses
  3. Proof of working capital for at least 6 (six) months
  4. Statement of assets and liabilities

General Information

Banking Details

Trade References

Present Landlord

Please provide The Following documentation

CK1 (Founding Statement and Certificate of Incorporation)
CK2 (Amended Founding Statement), if applicable
Copies of Identity Documents of all the current directors listed on the CM29
Resolution authorising lease signatory to sign same on behalf of the close corporation
Vat Registration Certificate
Proof of Income Tax Registration from SARS
Verification of Trade Name and business address by supplying copy of a utility bill, Telkom Bill or the like
The signatory hereof hereby grants permission to Amitofo Developments (Pty) Ltd to conduct a credit check in respect of the above-mentioned individuals and/or company with any registered credit bureau/s in order to obtain consumer credit information relating to the above-mentioned individuals and/or company including, but not limited to, above-mentioned individuals and/or company’s credit history, financial history and identity. The above-mentioned individuals and/or company hereby indemnifies and holds Amitofo Developments (Pty) Ltd harmless against all and any claims whatsoever and howsoever arising as a result of the aforesaid credit check.