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Wranglers is a larger than life, deliciously joyful American wild-west inspired dining experience. Imagine saloons, diners, generous portions and bold flavour. This, coupled with exceptional service and a bucketload of character, makes getting together more than just a meal, but an experience.Burgers, steak and signature dishes complete the fare along with an extensive bar, mixologist for

A Fish Called Delicious

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Something really lekker has happened in Joburg’s northern suburbs. Late last year two Durbanites traveled through Johannesburg on holiday, spotted an empty shop in Sunninghill and decided that it was a good idea to open a seafood deli. Just like that, Iceland Seafood and Deli was born, bred and trading within three months. The store

Sam The Tailor

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When you first meet Sam Banda, he comes across as a quiet, unassuming man. Five minutes into a conversation and you realise that he has big and bold ideas, is bursting with creativity and has an absolute passion for his craft. Sam Banda is more than just a tailor, he is a designer and entrepreneur

Serving Art and Passion on a Plate

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You can idle in the comfort of your car for a few minutes at a drive-through for a quick fix of sameness and consistency; or you can explore the endless possibilities that creativity, passion and flair can offer a diner. Master sushi-chef Shane Sambo, who recently relocated to Johannesburg from KwaZulu Natal, subscribes to the