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Four Seasons Spring

Chinese Ramen & Take-Away


Buy 1 get 1 free on selected Sushi – Opening Promotion Special from 1 November – 26 November 2021


Chinese Cuisine

A little bit about us:

Our restaurant was established in June 2021, We are motivated and are passionate about serving authentic Hand-Made Noodles and Chinese Noodle Soups. We aim to introduce several new Chinese dishes and light snacks and healthy food options to the South African public as we have found that  there are not many restaurants in Joburg that serves Chinese Noodle Soups.

What makes you different from your competition?

We offer hand-made noodles and serve a different style of Chinese Noodles, light snacks, and appetizer such as the much loved “Dim Sum” which is a light appetizer or better known as “Chinese Breakfast” in the southern Canton areas in Hong Kong and Guangzhou. We will be launching our healthy meal “lunch boxes” soon for those who love good food but at the same time also wants to watch their weight and calorie intake.
We will be launching our in-house drinks at a later stage so keep a look out for our posts launching these new products

What we’re really good at.

Noodle Soups
Dim Sum
Sweet and Sour dishes
Silky Prawn Foo Yong Omelette

Products or services we offer

Cold Dishes – Veggie Platters
Fried rice and noodles

List key words that people would use when searching for your type of business online.:

Chinese Noodle Soup
Dim Sum
Silky Prawn Foo Yong Omelette
Cheesy Corn Dog