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  • Monday – Friday: 09:30-20:00

  • Saturday: 09:30-22:00

  • Sunday: 09:00-19:30

  • Public Holidays: Closed

  • Shop No# 29

Iceland Seafood and Deli

About Iceland Seafood:

The owners at Iceland seafood are 4th generation in the business and were brought up in the seafood industry, owning stores at the Victoria street market in Durban, they quickly became wholesalers in the fresh fish industry to the vast majority of restaurants nationwide. Over the years they have built up the reputation of being great suppliers. We were one of the first to introduce Mozambique fish into Durban and surroundings, we have brought in west coast fish and allowed our range to be diversified in comparison to others at the time.

We have decided to bring a change to the Jhb seafood range by providing customers with fish they catch on their own boats, this allows us to give customers more than just the usual variety of seafood that is found at other seafood retailers in the region.

Why Come to us?

We offer our customers a unique experience of choosing fresh line fish off the counter for their meals in comparison to other restaurants with set menus. We do takeaways and sit downs as well as being a retail shop where the public can walk in and buy their fresh or frozen seafoods.

We also run a sushi bar that boasts a tasteful and appealing range.

We ensure our customers are able to get what they want and we offer our services to make that happen for their convenience, by doing free cleaning of prawns , crab etc, as well cooking on requests such as fish curries, crab curries, whole grilled fish and even marinating for you to take home and prepare by yourself

What you need to experience when you come to us:

Sushi Bar
Retail Fresh And Frozen Seafoods
Sit In Restaurant

You should also know:

We do a free cleaning and prepping on our products and we have a wide range of poultry and offers as well.