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The Square Car Wash & Valet2020-05-12T06:53:26+00:00

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The Square Car Wash & Valet

What people say about us

Excellent service and the products they use are amazing. I had lots of scratches and marks and my car is looking brilliant today. Very impressed by the friendliness and care they take with each car. Thank you for top notch hospitality all round.

– viloshni n

Definitely the best car wash i have ever been to. Both the owner and staff have a immaculate attention to detail. The customer service is world class and I have never left without my car looking brand new. A definite recommendation.

– Dharish S

Amazing job guys keep the standard don’t slack. If u do will not hesitate to to rate u accordingly But all I can is say is big up to u. I’m impressed

– Lesiba c