Two-tone fun

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Hair is no longer simply blonde, brunette, jet black or copper tone red and shades in-between. This year’s hottest trend sees women going rainbow with hues of blue, hot pink and green. Veronika Kitchen, a 25-year-old Johannesburg programmer says that she is addicted to going bold. “My hair’s been pink and green before. Now, I’m

Sam The Tailor

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When you first meet Sam Banda, he comes across as a quiet, unassuming man. Five minutes into a conversation and you realise that he has big and bold ideas, is bursting with creativity and has an absolute passion for his craft. Sam Banda is more than just a tailor, he is a designer and entrepreneur

New Fashion Every Week | Square News #2

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New Fashion Every Week | Chanson Fashion Back to work or need to update your clobber? Value fashion updated every week at Chansons, diagonally opposite Checkers, is weel worth a browse. This season you can get everything from swimwear through to the office, with catwalk looks at incredible prices. This season get a floral jacket and